A Life Changing Decision

“I was mentally and physically bankrupt when I received a brochure in jail about the Owl’s Nest Addiction Recovery Program. Because it seemed different than the typical drug/alcohol rehab center, I made a life changing decision to seek recovery.  Today I have the ability to have healthy relationships with friends and family, but most importantly: with God.”

-Lucas B.


South Carolina's Preferred Alternative For

Addiction Rehabilitation.

If Typical Rehab Centers Have Failed You, There Is a Solution!

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Alternative

  The Owl's Nest rehab center alternative specializes in successfully working with those who chronically relapse.

The Owl's Nest Addiction Recovery Community of Florence, SC is a program consisting of a planned, precise sequence of events that occur, resulting in a long-term, happy and useful sobriety.  If you or a family member have failed again and again with high priced rehab centers, treatment programs and detox facilities, the Owl's Nest offers detailed instructions in the only proven and time-tested solution for the problem of addiction: the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

How is The Owl's Nest Recovery Community different from the typical drug / alcohol rehab center?

 The support, structure and instruction we offer Owl's Nest residents gives them the opportunity to learn and practice the principles of recovery that will create an unshakable foundation for living.

 Thousands of those suffering with drug addiction and alcoholism have successfully completed the Owl's Nest Addiction Recovery Program and found emotional, vocational, social, physical, and spiritual balance in sober living.  This unique program has produced one of the highest success rates in the country for dealing with addicts and alcoholics of the seemingly hopeless variety.

A Former Cop Recovers From Alcoholism at The Owl's Nest

Young Woman With The Pain Of Alcoholism Finds Freedom and Joy Again

Welcome to a recovery program whose entire staff have recovered through this program, which can bring LASTING RESULTS!



Have you ever been to AA, NA, an alcoholism treatment or drug rehab center and found that it did not work? 

This video may help explain not only why,

 but what you can do to find recovery!!!

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"I just got a call from my son...... for the first time in his 28 years on this earth he is talking about God and how happy he is.  This is stunning to my wife and I.  The Owl's Nest is truly changing my sons view of himself and how to be a man on this earth of ours.

My heart felt thanks to all of you there.  It's just so incredible I want to shout it out!!!!

And he got a job.  Our decision to send my son to your facility could be... no is... the best thing I have ever done for my son.

Thank you all once again...."

-An email we received from a residents father, October 2012


Steve S. Speaking at Hazelden